petrel: Executive Lambda from Pokemon being a hot beast. (Pkmn // Lambda . Sultry Bedroom Gaze)

. I think GOD is moving it's TONGUE .

+ There's no crowd in the streets, and no SUN +

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Name:Team Rocket Executive Petrel
Birthdate:Jul 21

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aion, aion online, anberlin, androgyny, animation, anime, args, art, audiosurf, biscuits, body modification, borderlands, brb wal-mart, breakcore, caffeine, character design, clairvoyance, comedy, computers, cosplay, costume making, counseling, crashman, cryptozoology, dancing, darkwave, dave tango, ddr, deftones, diclonius, digital painting, dir en grey, doing stuff, donnie darko, doujinshi, drawing, elfen lied, fake mexican restaurants, fanfiction, fps, friends, ftm, gabber, games, gaming, geeks, geminiman, genderfuck, genderqueer, ghost hunters, ghost hunting, ghost investigation, ghost photography, ghosts, girls, gitaroo man, gore, guidos, guns, hauntings, helping people, hidaka ken, hikaru hitachiin, horror, insomnia, j-pop, j-rock, j-trance, jew of life, k-pop, k-rock, laughing, left 4 dead, left 4 dead 2, life, lilith, love, madotsuki, making people laugh, manga, megaman, megaman 2, megaman 3, megaman 4, megaman 5, megaman classic, metalman, mindfucks, mischief, mmorpgs, mmos, morbanz, mordecai, mortal kombat, music, my friends, nerd rage, nes, nintendo, opencanvas, otps, ouran host club, parapsychology, phantasy star online, physical training, piercings, pokemon, pokemorphs, pretty boys, pso, psychology, quickman, rage, ragnarok online, rambling, role playing, rpgs, rping, saosin, schuldich, seccom masada, secret and whisper, seven, shadowman, sketching, sleeping, smartass comments, smut, sonichu, starman, stay, super mario brothers, team fortress 2, team galactic, team rocket, thinking, transgender, utada hikaru, video games, video girl ai, weiß, weiß kreuz, weiß kreuz gluhen, yaoi, yaranaika, yume nikki, yuri, zelda
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